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envelope - online-shop

24 hours a day, 365 days a year - the envelope online-shop module enables products to be showcased round the clock on your desktop site or your mobile website!

Basic features of envelope’s online shop:

  • Product categories can be freely chosen and include list view and detailed description
  • The product may be provided with up to ten pictures, one title, one short text and one detailed description
  • One video clip per product can be uploaded
  • Each product can be associated a basic price. This price serves as reference price for products with different weight as for example food
  • Excel upload and update feature at the category level
  • Facebook-like feature for each product
  • Available including up to 100 or max. 1,500 products (scalable as desired)


The supplementary features with the online shop:

  • Shopping cart feature and ordering form
  • Definition of shipping costs and payment modes (Prepayment or cash in advance, cash on delivery, invoice, credit card, "PayPal" or immediate bank transfer)
  • Automatic order confirmation via e-mail to the customer
  • Price recalculation based on the product-related parameters selected by the customer such as, for example, size, colour etc.
  • Specifying promotional prices for a certain time period at the category or product level
  • Evaluation feature for customers
  • Recommendation-based marketing / Cross-selling: "You may also like this product"
  • Price display optionally with or without VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Optional online registration for customers


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The benefits to the customers and users of the envelope website:

  • Online purchase of the company's products
  • All products are divided in categories
  • Navigation for the user in the categories
  • Separate product description and supplementing them with photos / YouTube video clips
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for each and every product
  • Adding price-influencing parameters for each product


Integrated payment system that can be administered

The envelope online shop has a fully functional and integrated payment system that can be enabled on request. In addition, payment modes such as credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and Diners), bank transfer and PayPal can be added. You can make online payment via an account with e.g. Viveum (you have to create this on your own).
You can incorporate and link a separate and independent payment service provider (PSP) for each envelope installation.
The online shop can be maintained or administered whenever desired via our e-mail content management system (CMS-System).