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Template Themes

The "Template Themes" module is a theme platform for selecting ready-made design templates and they can be selected in CMS. Themes are used for prompt creation of high-quality websites from the design point of view.

The themes have the following basic properties:

  • The themes are based on a design layout.
  • You can have separate CSS settings.
  • Customised graphic displays and icons are available, summarised in Sprite and they can be edited with PhotoShop.
  • It comprises one independent administration and design for other themes.
  • Each content manager can load themes and provide them with his own pictures and text passages.
  • All settings can be overwritten and modified independently.


The selection of themes:

  • The themes are available in CMS for selection and can be browsed via the theme platform (available on request).
  • The themes can be accessed via the template configuration system and can be selected in place of the conventional templates.
  • A theme is based on a design layout  and contains predefined settings and sprites, nonetheless, it is separated from the template system as such.

You can observe the live theme platform here. 


Choose your theme before creating a website! If required, you can use different picture sizes etc., which, in case of existing content, must be reworked accordingly or uploaded once again.


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