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Social Media

A website can be linked with select social media platforms with the help of the social media module.

You can, for example, see a linked Facebook like box here.

The social media module contains the following links:

  • Twitter: You can go to the Twitter page of the company with a single click.
  • Facebook Like Box: The name of the Facebook group, a few "Fans", and current news, on request, are displayed from the Facebook-page.
  • Flickr: You can link photos that are available on a Flickr account of the company to the website.
  • HolidayCheck: For tourism-companies, you have the option of creating a link with the HolidayCheck reservation platform. In this way, you can incorporate a rating given on HolidayCheck directly on the website.

Filling up content:

Depending on the requirement or need, the information is incorporated in the "Secondary Content" (on the left or right border of the website).

Do you have any queries on the social media module? Please contact us!