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Online Shop

24 hours a day, 365 days in the year - the online-shop module enables products to be showcased round the clock!

Benefits to the customers and users of a website with the online shop module:

  • Your customers can showcase their company's products online and sell them.
  • All products are divided in categories.
  • The user can navigate in the category of his choice.
  • Each product can carry its own description and this can be supplemented with pictures as well as a YouTube video.
  • Each product can be optimized for search engines (SEO).
  • Parameters affecting the price of each product such as, for example, the size or colour, can be added. For products available in different colours or sizes, the price changes flexibly along with the product selected.
  • The online shop can also be implemented in the mobile version of your website

You can see a live example here with an envelope online shop!

Integrated and administrable payment system

The envelope online shop has a fully functional and integrated payment system that can be enabled on request. In addition, payment modes such as credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and Diners), bank transfer and PayPal can be added. Online payment is possible via an account with Viveum (it is necessary to have your own account) - having your own PayPal account is not sufficient.

The online shop can be maintained or administered at any time via the content management system (CMS-System).

The product zone and the product database offer your customers additional options to showcase their products in the best possible manner.


The product zone in the online shop:

  • Products are described and displayed with a picture and text in the product zone. In doing so, it is meaningful to display a maximum of 10 products / picture.
  • Benefits to the customers and users of a website with the product zone:
  • Individual products are showcased in a well-arranged manner on a separate page - the "Product zone".
  • Each of the products is displayed with a picture and brief description.
  • The user gets to see the best possible overview of the products being offered by the company.
  • The product zone can be easily updated via the e-mail CMS (in the Admin section).


The product database in the online shop:

You can display up to 1,200 products with the help of pictures and text in the product database.

Benefits to the customers and users of a website with a product database:

  • All products can be showcased in detail in the product database.
  • The products can be divided into categories.
  • Navigation in the categories is similar to that for the online shop.
  • Each product in the respective category can be described independently and associated with more than one picture, and it can also be supplemented with a YouTube link.
  • Each product can also be optimized here for search engines (SEO).


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