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Support hierarchies

Can you explain the exact support hierarchies in detail?

Partner support covers:

  • On-site training sessions
  • Release coordination via conference call
  • On-going support on telephone and via e-mail
What are the communication routes via which support is provided?

Training sessions are conducted on-site in the course of partner support. Here, too, any other support can also be provided on telephone or via e-mail.

How often can you ask for training?

You can reserve a certain number of participants to attend the training sessions. Depending on the arrangement, these training sessions may take place on-site or via Skype conference call.

If more training sessions are required, we shall be pleased to negotiate and arrange the same for you.

What are the response times and availability that can be guaranteed?

For enquiries by partners on telephone, we can guarantee a response time of 12 hours on working days. Amendments are made with the help of sprints or hotfixes.

What is the language used for providing support?

Support is provided in German and English.

What is the cycle of releases and what does the information flow look like?

Depending on the necessity, change requests and meaningful extensions are recorded and evaluated. Those with the highest priority or maximum weighting respectively are incorporated in the planning and implementation of the particular release.

Work is done on such a release 6 times a year. In other words, scheduling the implementation of various extensions. During programming, a development system is kept ready for the first round of tests.

If the new developments are ready for testing, these are incorporated completely into the test system. In doing so, a copy of the original system is used. The comprehensive test phase lasts several weeks in which all new developments are tested rigorously and thoroughly. Any bugs or requests for improvement are fixed or implemented at the end.

The release into the productive system takes place on a fixed date.

All customers are informed of major amendments separately via e-mail. For all other changes, please refer to

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