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Does your building block solution provide options for adding customised code?

 Our system can incorporate iframes, conversion-tracking codes and values in CSS parameters. Other codes can be incorporated only via the developer or via a Change Request (CR).

Which technology is the web building block system based on (xhtml, html5, etc.)?

Our system is based on xhtml + CSS 3.0. Migration to HTML5 has already been scheduled in 2015.

Are modern trends (for example, responsive design) supported?

By migrating to HTML5, even responsive designs will be possible. At present, there is a mobile website component, whereby the base data for it can be identical to that used for the website.

The website system is upgraded to the current state-of-the-art technology on an on-going basis. This is also a great advantage of the overall system since all websites can be updated together with the help of a single update.

Is it possible to fill up the page navigation and place the pages in a flexible manner?

The page navigation can be configured as desired and can also be filled as required in the framework of the relevant add-ons.

How flexible is the manner in which layouts can be used?

The use of the layouts is highly flexible. The 3 modification levels given in the following are available to each of the 10 add-ons:

  • Ready-made templates
  • Building block modification
  • CSS parameters

Moreover, there is an extended design package and one theme portfolio across all existing packages. Existing designs may also be used as templates within the system.

Is there a form builder for creating customised forms?

It is easy to adapt the standard forms. The "Wufoo" platform is used for customised solutions.

Is it possible to integrate appropriate security mechanisms...

...for this purpose (for example, captcha graphics)?

Security measures are possible and available for both solutions described above.

Does automatic optimisation of the image data (for example, for the size) take place?

Automatic optimisation takes place directly while uploading one of the digital image formats supported by the system (JPEG, PNG, and J).

Does your tool provide other innovative options...

...(for example, work-flow support, API, automation processes, etc.), which can support us for our requirements?

We are using our own system called Skyline for this purpose. In fact, our CMS system has provided a work-flow component. However, this is not recommended for 1,500 websites per year.

May we inform you about change requests (CR) regarding CMS? In other words would these be implement?

Yes, change requests are always most welcome and you can report bugs at any time, which are then resolved using the Sprint method.

General change requests are developed at no extra cost. If these change requests are specific to a country or partner, they shall be implemented with surcharge.