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The revolution for websites:
The envelope system from ClearSense!

One step into the future: With envelope, the website management platform from ClearSense, you can create and update websites without any knowledge of software - understandably, with the latest state-of-the-art technology. This is the underlying concept of envelope.

As an on-line company, we not only implement our ideas and concepts, but also support them in every conceivable segment. The reason for this is that we accord the highest priority to peerless communication at ClearSense. Come and see for yourself!

Overview envelope - full screen version (pdf)

The comprehensive support from ClearSense:

Apart from on-site training sessions and coordination for release via conference call, the comprehensive support from ClearSense also includes on-going support on telephone and via e-mail. 

We do not leave you in the lurch, and we are available at your service for enquiries on telephone with a guaranteed response time within 12 hours on working days - in German and English language. In the process, amendments are made using individual updates (Sprints) or by intermediate releases (Hot fixes).


The backup options provided by envelope:

envelope provides backups of all its products at regular intervals of time. In doing so, the system relies on a combination of one database server, a specific number of web servers and an identical number of Linux firewalls, as well as so-called storage. The backups are done at an interval of 24 hours. The data from the storage are backed up at 02:00 hours daily, whereby the daily backup supersedes the backup of the same day in the previous week. All databases of the database server are also backed up daily and kept in safe custody for a time period of at least four weeks.

A relevant backup can be restored on request by a system developer within 24 hours on working days.

A system version manager is available - assuming that each user is working on the same version.

The websites are independent of the CMS system, and can be personalised within the building block framework (CSS parameter). Direct access to the file system (for example, via ftp) is provided only to system developers.


Your information is available here:

you website and information are presently on servers that are located in Austria. It goes without saying that you have the option of hosting your system directly on-site. A technical requirements profile for the server landscape is available. On request, the system can also be operated by ClearSense in the destination country.


The administration of your envelope system is imaginably simple:

envelope has a privileges management system. In other words, privileges can be assigned and minor modifications can be carried out with the help of the e-mail CMS system or the Admin section. You can undertake comprehensive amendments easily and practically in the premium CMS system.


Programming the website management system, envelope:

The technology is based on the XHTML and CSS 3.0 systems. Conversion to HTML5 for 2015 is already in the planning stage.

In the building block solution of envelope, you can incorporate iframes, conversion-tracking-codes and values in CSS parameters. Other codes can be incorporated via the developer or via a Change Request (CR).

The page navigation can be configured as desired and can also be filled as required in the framework of the relevant add-ons.


Responsive design for comfortable communication:

Even "Responsive Design" shall be possible after migrating to HTML5. This means that the design adapts itself to terminal device of the used, in which it responds automatically to the respective screen width of smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs, for example. At present, there is a mobile website component, whereby the base data can be identical to that used for the website. The website system is maintained in line with the state-of-the-art technology on an on-going basis - a great advantage of the overall system, since all websites are updated with the help of only one update.


The use of layouts:

envelope is an elaborate and sophisticated system, since the layouts can be used in a highly flexible manner. In the process, there are three modification levels such as ready-made templates, building block modification and CSS parameters, which are available to each of the total of ten add-ons. For all existing packages, there is an extended design package and one theme portfolio. Existing designs may also be used as templates within the system.

In the process, security measures are available for both the solutions listed above.


Do you have any queries? Please contact us - we shall be pleased to assist you!