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envelope - The e-mail CMS

envelope is a unique website management platform which helps you designing and managing your website in a comprehensive and easy way. The system has been developed in 2008 by ClearSense GmbH and Binder Trittenwein Kommunikation GmbH.

As a centralised management tool, envelope is used to create, edit and handle websites and mobile websites with ease, in a flexible manner and expeditiously. It comprises one flexible module system and one basic layout system, which is rich in variants. As a result, websites, mobile websites and online shops can be built in a modular manner and expanded as and when desired.


Flexible design and layout options

Based on layouts, which are designed with the help of a modular construction system, the user has numerous design options such as, for example, text changes. In fact, advanced users can configure the design of the selected layout to a certain extent on their own and in a flexible manner.


Centralised Administration

The envelope system is one that can be expanded regularly with the help of software updates. As a result, there are several options such as, for example, the design and central administration of 16,000 websites and much more. With each version you can update all websites, mobile websites and improve them.


Short upload times, W3C valid and the best SEO results

The system is "technically lean". In other words, it facilitates fast uploads, checks the code validity when displaying websites and ensures clear web standards (that is, W3C valid) and achieves the best possible search engine results. In addition, you can achieve good conversation rates with the use of call-to-action elements.


The services of the envelope system:

  • Websites / mobile websites are optimised for fast uploads and conform technically to the state-of-the-art technology
  • Websites / mobile websites have a large basic scope and can be expanded in a modular fashion
  • the module system can be combined as desired
  • the web-shop module is provided with special features
  • the system offers design flexibility, various linguistic sections and modules, centralised release options and much more
  • the system provides an expansion of the reporting platform, which sends reports with access statistics from Google Analytics automatically
  • the website / mobile website can be filled up with the help of a content manager, or you can fullfill it by your own with a CMS-Login. 

The aspects of the envelope system:

It enables users to administer and fill up websites independently via the content management system - and that too, without technical know-how. With the help of envelope, you can place contents (Text and multimedia files) directly via e-mail on the homepage - or the homepage can be administered, filled or updated both easily and in a well-structured manner via a log in the Administration section.

Freedom from barriers (WAI/AA) is another important aspect that is taken into consideration for all designs. This means that the website is set up technically in such a manner that it is suitable both for reading the Braille line as well as for use of a so-called screen reader. In addition, the website can be enlarged extraordinarily and can be used by handicapped human beings (those with restricted mobility) without the computer mouse or keyboard - thus, the envelope-websites can be accessed and used by all.


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